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In For the Drama! The Sochi Olympics, Day 1-ish

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Yes! The Olympics are back! And with them come the answers to questions we were all wondering about, such as what the Norwegian curling team will be wearing.

Don't act like you're not impressed

Don’t act like you’re not impressed

Ah yes, the ridiculous costumes, the drama, the cheesy spotlight pieces by NBC, the inspirational Visa commercials narrated by Morgan Freeman… I love it all and will pretty much watch whatever they show. For instance, even though I’m convinced that all these new extreme skiing and snowboarding events are being added solely so that the US can win more medals, I was glued to the TV anyway. (Okay, I confess: I watched them partly because I was just waiting for figure skating to come back on.) By the way, how much does it suck to crash and get injured before the games even officially begin? Poor Heidi Kloser. Anyway, I’m glad the Olympics are back, and that I actually have the chance to really watch them for the first time in years. Even with all the trouble going on over in Sochi, it’s really about the athletes and I’m eager to watch them do their best. (And I really hope the LGBT athletes kick ass a la Jesse Owens in 1936, silencing the critics and making Putin go home and cry his bigoted heart to sleep. Ha!)

To make this somewhat Hawaii-related: one of the local news stories that came on after the opening ceremonies was about crossfit. Specifically “the new craze that’s sweeping Hawaii and the nation!” You’ve got to be kidding me. I know Hawaii is behind in just about everything, but really? Where on earth have you been for the last five or seven years?! (I can’t remember exactly when crossfit became the mantra of gym rats who look down on those of us who “only” run/swim/bike/play sports/do other activities that don’t involve kettlebells.) I feel like crossfit has been around forever.


But back to the Olympics. It’s too bad that all the commentators are focused on the ring that didn’t open, because I thought the opening ceremony was quite beautiful, especially the history part. (Another confession: I was really into pre-Soviet Russian history back in the day, read Tolstoy and Pushkin as a teenager, and picked my college based in part on its Russian program. One of the novels I hope to publish someday is even set in St. Petersburg right before the revolution. I could have watched the War and Peace ballet all night.) Plus, you have to admit Russia has a pretty bad ass national anthem. It gives me a sudden urge to watch “The Hunt for Red October.”

Captain Ramius approves

Captain Ramius gives his seal of approval.


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