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Game Day!

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First, I’d like to thank a couple of fellow bloggers for the friendly shout-outs last month, Marla and Dawn.  You ladies rock!  I encourage everyone to check out their blogs: Marla’s Musings is a great resource with advice and pointers for aspiring young professionals, and Life’s little mercies has a lot of lovely pictures, poetry, and inspirational writings about the good things in life – basically, the kind of blog I want to read after sitting in Honolulu traffic all afternoon. Thank you again! 🙂

Second, I have an update from my last post about places in Hawaii to get beer. A friend of mine checked out the Liquor Collection, the store that sells the various kinds of bottled beer, and he had this to say: “Yeah sure, they have a lot of beer. But it’s marked way, way up! You’d be better off going to Whole Foods to get some of this stuff.” So that’s that. Which is too bad, because the location of the Liquor Collection is awfully convenient, especially for visitors staying in Waikiki. Getting to Whole Foods, on the other hand, requires a car or a plane: the only three stores in Hawaii are located on the east end on Honolulu, Kailua on the windward side, and Maui.

Last but not least… it’s Super Bowl Sunday!

Yeah baby!  (Photo credit: Amanda Patterson on Pinterest)

Go Seahawks! (Photo from Pinterest)

Pro football isn’t normally my thing (my football devotion is usually saved for my beloved Washington Huskies) but as someone who had spent my childhood in Seattle and had been watching the Seahawks lose since I was about four, I just love that they’ve made it into the big game. It’s like seeing your underdog friend, who despite all his bad luck you’ve been rooting for for as long as you can remember, finally make it. Yes, I know they played in the 2006 Super Bowl, but for some reason I’m more excited this time around. I also know it’s going to be a pretty tough game (Peyton…) but I know they’ll do all the 12s proud. Plus, they do a lot for the community, which I think is a huge part of why the city loves them so much. Can you imagine going to Starbucks for your morning latte and having Pete Carroll make it for you? This fan letter to Derrick Coleman, the league’s first deaf player, has been making the internet rounds and will cheer up anyone’s day. And Richard Sherman, screaming interviews with Erin Andrews aside, has done a ton of great charity work. (scroll down to #17, 20, and 22)

Okay, I lied. I guess I’ve become a bit of a Seahawks fan girl after all.  Go Hawks!!  I’ll be cheering for you from Waikiki!

Started following my first "celebrity" on twitter: @BlitzTheSeahawk

Started following my first “celebrity” on twitter: @BlitzTheSeahawk

Of course the Hulk would be a Seahawks fan!

Of course the Hulk would be a Seahawks fan


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