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Beer: the cause of – and solution to – all of life’s problems

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Quoted from that great philosopher, Homer Simpson.

Moving on to the zero-to-hero task at hand, my most viewed post was the one about the mega waves on the North Shore. I’m guessing it’s because that post had a little bit of everything: a popular news story, pictures of crazy surfers, hyperlinks to save people money, and even some false advertising with the Pro Bowl picture. (Okay, so it’s not quite false since I did talk a little bit about how to get tickets, but still – if I’d lured in anyone with the false hope that I’d be writing about football, I apologize.) On a related note, I’ve noticed that my least viewed posts were the ones that I’d posted in the evening, which would have been in the middle of the night for most of the U.S., so timing seems to play a factor as well. Which makes sense, since I figure a lot of people peruse blogs during the day so that they can look busy when they’re supposed to be working. *looks over shoulder to make sure my boss isn’t standing behind me.*

So on that note, I’d like to talk about another popular topic: beer. 🙂

Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy

Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy

Specifically, places to get it. I know a lot of people dig the local Kona Brewing Company although their brews are just okay in my opinion (Big Wave Golden Ale is pretty good; stay away from their IPA.) Lest any newcomers fear that this is as good as it’s going to get, just know that there it is possible to find beer from the mainland and beyond. Yardhouse in Waikiki is the obvious choice, and with over 100 beers on tap it’s easy to see why it’s popular with tourists and transplants alike. The downside? It’s popular with tourists and transplants alike, so in the evenings (especially Fridays and Saturdays) you could be waiting two hours to get a table. If you’re patient and don’t mind standing for a bit, you can usually get a seat at the bar… eventually.

Gastropubs are slowly starting to become more common here, and REAL is probably my favorite bar on the island right now. It’s located in Kaka’ako (near the Ward movie theater) and away from Waikiki so you won’t see as many of the tourist hordes. That said, it is kind of small on the inside so it does get crowded. If you have to wait to sit down, it’s worth it since they have a nice little selection of off-island beers, and the list changes pretty frequently. Imagine my delight when I got back from spending Christmas in Chicago and discovered they had beer from the Goose Island brewery! I felt so worldly for actually knowing what it was. If you need even more of an incentive to check this place out, their food is quite good too. Bacon French fries fried in bacon? Yes, please!

Well, there goes THAT workout.

Well, there goes THAT workout.

My boss – who is not standing behind me, I checked – recently alerted me to the Liquor Collection in the Ward Center. I haven’t been there so I can’t report back just yet, but I’m told that they have a huge selection of bottled beer from all over. It’s on my list, as I’m still looking for a place to buy certain East Coast beers (Yuengling, where are you?) and chu-hi (technically not beer, I know, but one of the many things I miss from Japan.)

Cheers! What are your favorite bars in Hawaii?


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One thought on “Beer: the cause of – and solution to – all of life’s problems

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