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Angry Dudes in Orange Spandex

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I had a blog post all written and ready to go, but since my latest rant was weather-related I figured it would be in bad taste to publish it right now, considering what’s happening on the east coast at the moment.  No problem, it can wait until Snowpocalypse 2014 Part II eases up.  Stay safe and warm, everyone.

Anyway, getting back to work after a 10-day vacation on the mainland sucks and I’ll be spending the next week catching up on the zero-to-hero tasks, among other things.  I feel compelled to write something since it’s been over a week since my last post, even though writer’s block has struck me at the moment and I can’t think of anything else Hawaii-related to talk about.  I’m not even in that much of a whiny mood, really, having just coming off of leave.  I’m still reveling in the experiences of driving on wide open roads and having nice grocery stores to shop in.  (Man, I miss Publix.)  So for now I’ll just share a hilarious article I found earlier today when I was on the computer looking busy at work.  Okay, the article itself isn’t funny, but the pictures accompanying it are comedy gold.

Oh no you DI-IN'T!!

Oh no you DI-IN’T!!

(Why, oh why, is he so angry? Read the full story here!) Ice drama is the best , isn’t it?  I do love winter sports even the ridiculous ones, and so I’m anxiously waiting for the Winter Olympics to start. Only 18 days!


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