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Leaving on a Jet Plane

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I’m excited to be off-island this week to attend a wedding in Florida, although that means I’m going to have less time for keeping up with zero-to-hero challenges and all the great blogs I’ve discovered this month since I started writing here.  That said, I’ll never complain about the time off from work!  One of my New Year resolutions was to read only non-fiction books during 2014, since I’d come to the conclusion that I read too much fiction/fantasy/sci fi fluff and not enough of things that expand my horizons and (supposedly) make me smarter. Since my last fiction reading was some historical fiction fluff about the Roman Empire, I decided to keep with the theme and have my first non-fiction venture be Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire by Simon Baker.  I like it so far; it’s interesting and doesn’t read too much like a history textbook at all.  The bad thing is that I’ve noticed a tendency to get too invested in characters who are doomed to fail.  It’s bad enough when it’s a famous figure whose story you know (“The Ides of March is NOT a good day to go the senate… dammit, Caesar, what did I tell you?!”) but it’s almost worse when you don’t know their story ahead of time.  And of course I feel silly cheering for dudes who have been dead for centuries, but it didn’t stop me: “Huh, this Tiberius Gracchus is a hero, but is he going to survive the senators calling for his head?  I hope so.  Oh no, now they’re coming after him!  Run, Tiberius, run!” (Spoiler: he dies.)

I’m sure this story would have ended differently if only Tiberius had been more like Russell Crowe.

One of the quasi-advantages of living in Hawaii is that you can get frequent flier status pretty easily, since any trip off the islands will earn you at least miles 5000 round trip.  I say “quasi-advantage” because chances are if you’re traveling that much, you’re also making a significant dent in your bank account because flights in and out of Hawaii are so very pricey.  It costs me more to fly to see my family on the mainland now than it did when I was living overseas in Japan!  That said, if you’re not traveling during a holiday season, and if you know well in advance where and when you want to go, you can sometimes find a decent price for airplane tickets.  For the west coast US, that can sometimes be under $400 for flights into major hubs like LA and Seattle.  I will admit that I’m not as versed in looking for east coast flights, but from what I’ve seen the good deals tend to be in the $500-700 range.  Following @airfarewatchdog on twitter, I’ve sometimes come across the oddball great deal, like $386 for a trip from Charlotte, NC to Honolulu.  I will be investigating east coast trips more in the future since my fiance just moved to Virginia, so I anticipate writing a “Leaving on a Jet Plane, part deux” post sometime soon.

Well, I’m off to Disney World to act like a five year old for a few days, and then to a wedding where I’ll be expected to act like an adult in front of my future in-laws. Wish me luck!


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